Beautiful Baby Shower Photography – My Story

Beautiful Baby Shower Photography in the Winelands of Constantia

Recently, I had been asked to do the photography for a Baby Shower that was held at Little Stream in Constantia, Cape Town – A Beautiful little eatery located in the forest of Constantia’s winelands.

I knew that it would be an amazing setup, which of course would make for excellent shots – So without a second thought, I agreed to do the shoot.

This was my first occasion to do Baby Shower Photography, so needless to say, the nerves were on edge – But that did not keep me from doing the photography, even if it meant me being the only male among a large group of women, celebrating Michelle’s Baby Shower.

The Mom-to-Be

Pixel Evolution Baby Shower Photography 4


Michelle, the Mom-to-be as seen above is very crafty and creative, so with those attributes and keen family members and friends at her side, the event and setup had been done perfectly – the layout, decor and food, all amazing!

Treats and Food

The Treats table caught my attention immediately! No, not because I wanted of the treats (Even though that may have played a part) but because it was done so well. Below, you can see some of the shots I had taken of the table – Yummy!


So, as you can see – It was all very lovely! My resistance was indeed strong – And in the end, I was able to keep my hand away from it all 🙂

The treats table was off bounds until everyone had eaten their brunch. From what I could see, there seemed to be a starter of which was followed by a hearty main meal. I was able to get a couple of shots of the food before all had disappeared – Very quickly at that!

Here are 2 of the shots that had been able to capture in the little time that I had.

Pixel Evolution Baby Shower Photography 8Pixel Evolution Baby Shower Photography 7

Food and Treats aside – The overall location of the event made for even better Baby Shower Photography. 

As mentioned earlier, the party had been setup at Little Stream, Constantia – In the forest of the Winelands. This made for excellent photography opportunities. The Sun was at the perfect angle, the wind was at a low breeze, the trees’ leaves had fallen and were still orange – So all had aligned for perfect shooting indeed. How is that important? Have a look at another article I had written about the Best time for Outdoor Photo Shoots – That will shine some light on as to why this was perfect.

The Liitle Journey

A Path was located not too far from the party, and of course, we just had to see where it lead to.
At the end of the trail (about 1 minute in), we had discovered an old tree swing just hanging there, waiting for someone to sit on it. I had Michelle sit and pose for me.

Below are some images from that little excavation.

Pixel Evolution Baby Shower Maternity Pregnant Forest Photo Cape Town

Fun and Games

After that awesome Photo shoot session, we headed back to the party to continue with the fun and games.
A handmade frame had been made for the party, so that guests could get their pose on in front of the camera. With that, and the games, some good laughs and smiles were captured. I have added some of the fun below.

Pixel Evolution Party Event Fun Baby Shower Photography Photo

If I let the Photos tell the story, I wouldn’t have to say a thing! What a shoot it was – Great weather, amazing people, fun times, perfect location. As a Photographer, I could not have asked for anything more.

With this being my first Photo Shoot story, I do hope you had enjoyed reading it. If I was able to bring you to “re-live” the event with me, then my job is done 🙂

Keep an eye out for more! And please, your feedback is highly appreciated – So please drop any thoughts, suggestions or ideas my way.

Thank you!

About Me

Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Sebastian Aitken, and I live in Cape Town, South Africa.  I am a Photographer and Pixel Evolution is the service that I provide.

I am a Full-Time IT Support Engineer, but could never get over how much I loved Photography and Digital Art. I offer my Photography and Photo Editing skills as a service, Part-Time.

I have always had a love for art as a whole – and over the years, I have explored many of the paths within the field. These include Digital and Graphics Design, Painting, Illustration and Photography – But only one has shown to be my true Passion.

I offer Photography for all occasions, as well as Printing and Photo touch ups / Editing. I provide my service over the greater Cape Town area, as I know that my services can be appreciated wide and far.

My stronger Photography areas include Nature and Portraiture, however, I am able to take on all types as I can adapt easily and I understand the different requirements for the various situations.Pixel Evolution Photography and Photo Lab

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4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Print Vendor


Recently, I had come across an article that had shed some light on the topic of what to consider when choosing a Print Vendor. The article had been written by a well founded Graphics Designer, Roberto Blake, and this post will be referencing that article.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Print Vendor

1. Local v.s Online

These days, the available services that can be found online are well covered in all fields, and that includes printing. Online Printing Vendors can take your orders and payments online and will have your prints delivered to you within a specified time frame – Which is really cool, opposed to the “old school” way of  physically having to go your local print vendor to get prints done.
With that being said though, you could easily find a Local Print Vendor that now caters for online orders, payments and deliveries – Thus making this decision so much easier. Perhaps the established big Online Vendor has super low prices and can cater for massive jobs yes – but the Local Vendor’s prices may not be much more expensive, and you could also build a stable relationship with the Vendor, gaining discounts and “brownie” points along the way.

2. Can They Handle Your Files


Print Vendors need to cater for the Designer’s needs, and Designers need great quality prints. To such Prints, the Vendor needs to be able to cater for file such as Large Vector Files or Print ready PDFs. You need to ask if the Vendor is able to handle the files that you provide to them – If not, or they only require JPEGs, you need to find another Vendor. But, if you are only needing print JPEGs, then that is the Vendor for you, as their prices may be lower than the bigger vendor due to running costs being lower.

3. Customer Service


Yes, the Price is great, the Speed is amazing and the Convenience is outstanding – But how’s the Customer Service? To many people, the Customer Service can be the deciding factor on whether or not they do business with someone – If the Print Vendor can offer you everything except a Good overall Customer Service Experience, then they do not care about you as a Customer, it is all about the payments you make to them. So look carefully and make a good choice in your next Print Vendor.

4. Quality Work


Lastly, the final consideration to factor in when choosing a Print Vendor – The Quality of Work. This should be obvious, but it needs to be mentioned.
Try and get an idea of what materials and inks are being used, what kind of machinery are in services – These all contribute to the Quality of Work that the Vendor puts out.
What is the point of choosing a Print Vendor that offers you Everything you need, but puts out poor quality work – It would just be a waste of your time and money – Always seek amazing Quality Work.



The Printing Industry is all about Price, Speed, Convenience and Quality (Customer Service is just a good trait for a Business to have) – So if a Vendor lacks in any of these areas, they can easily be out-run by the next Vendor, and you wouldn’t want to build a solid relationship with a Vendor that may not be around for much longer.


I would like to give a special thanks to Roberto Blake, author of the Article that had lead me to writing this post.

The Best Time for an Outdoor Photoshoot

When is the Best Time for an Outdoor Photo Shoot?

On a few occasions I have been asked this very question – When is the Best time for an Outdoor Photo Shoot?

For Best Time of Year – The Answer is simple, and for many Photographers, would be the same – It is Autumn (Fall for the Americans).

For Best Time of Day – The Answer is just as simple as the previous one. It would have to be just before Sunset. Photographers know this time window as the Golden Hour.

What do these 2 Times have in common? They both offer the Warm Colour of Gold and Orange!


Autumn Outdoor Photo Shoots

An Outdoor Photo Shoot during the Autumn Season offers Golden / Orange Colours. The leaves of trees fall to the ground and the leaves that are still hanging are turning orange as they prepare to fall – This colour scheme adds a warm feeling to the photos – A glow of sorts, giving the image a livelier feel.

Not only does it provide the awesome colours for a Photo Shoot as mentioned above – The leaves that have already fallen, make for great props or “add-ons” if I may say. They can be used to be thrown into the air to give a “raining leaves” shot. You could sit or lay among them, using the leaves as a bed or blanket. The leaves can be used to make patterns / words as well.

The Orange and Golden trees make for amazing backdrops too!

Autumn offers the best Natural Set up for an Outdoor Photo Shoot without a doubt.


See examples below of the various benefits of an Outdoor Shoot in Autumn.


The Natural Photo Studio of Autumn





Props of Autumn




Images acquired from – All images and videos on Pixabay are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.

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Golden Hour Photo Shoots

The Golden Hour (Also known as Magic Hour) is a small window of opportunity that every outdoor photographer absolutely loves! It is the time just before sunset when the Sun is at it’s lowest just before disappearing. I would say typically 30 – 45mins minutes before the Sun sets – The closer the Sun gets to setting, the better.

Why is this Window so great? That would be because at that time, the Sun is at it’s most orange which gives everything in its path a Golden overlay. Also, the Light is at it’s softest so it is not as harsh as it would be during it’s daytime hours.

Overall, the Light during the Golden Hour is perfect for Outdoor Shoots! Outdoor Portrait Shots are amazing during the time – So it makes for great Family, Portfolio and Couples Photos. With the Sun being so low on the horizon, the light go directly

As mentioned earlier, the orange scheme adds a warm feeling to the photos – A glow of sorts, giving the image a livelier feel.

See below for examples of Photos during the Golden Hour.




Images acquired from – All images and videos on Pixabay are released free of copyrights under Creative Commons CC0.


Do you want an Outdoor Autumn Photo Shoot? Are you in Cape Town? Then Contact me to make your Booking!


If you have any questions or comments about this post, feel free to leave your say below.

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Photographer Instead of DIY

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Photographer Instead of DIY

When it comes to Photography these days, everyone is a “photographer”, with the Smartphone Cameras and DSLRs that are available to us, we are always having Photos taken and Memories captured whenever there’s a need for it (Or even when there isn’t a need).

So why Hire a Photographer if Uncle Bill has a Good Camera and Cousin Shelley loves taking photos on her iPhone?


1. Adaptability

Photographers are always Capturing and Shooting many occasions, all of the time. However, there are a lot of Professional Photographers that focus on one key area within Photography and that becomes their specialty. Even so, to get to being a Professional, they would have already jumped through all the hoops, experiencing all of the many types of Shoots –  With this, a Photographer learns to adapt to the different situations and easily gains a grip on the needs and requirements of the Client.

Most photographers know how to deal with each situation, whether it may be getting the right shots at a Family Shoot or keeping the children focused at a Kids Birthday Party, or perhaps getting the perfect angles at a Graduation or making the right moments for a Couples Shoot – The Photographer can easily adapt and work with all kinds of situations.

Benefit: You do not have to worry about rounding up the Family and getting the Troops to pay attention. The Photographer is able to do that for you.


2. Consistency

Having to always Shoot and Process Images for various Clients covering many situations, the Photographer becomes very consistent with his / her work output.

The Work that the Photographer puts out will show consistency, and from this, you can judge whether or not the Photographer will be suitable for you.

This also makes it quite easy for you to find the perfect Photographer for your needs. These days, most Photographers would have an online portfolio, showcasing their works; making it extremely convenient for you to find what you need. Because Photographers are consistent, you can get an idea, beforehand, what your Photos would eventually look like in the end.

Benefit: You can decide beforehand, whether or not a Photographer is for you.


3. Equipment and Skill

A Photographer is not a Photographer because he / she has an expensive DSLR (Of course, that could play a part). A Photographer has Skill and Training. A Photographer knows How, When, Why and What, when it comes to capturing those special moments.

Along with that, a Photographer has the equipment required to get the Job done. The Flashes, The Lenses, The Cameras. With the Equipment and Skills combined, there is not much that he / she cannot do when it comes to Photographing. Knowing the Angles, Lighting, Poses, Positions and The Camera itself – A Photographer knows how to Take a Photo.

Benefit: No need for DIY – The Photographer has everything that is needed.


4. Quality

As mentioned above, the Photographer will have the Equipment – That in turn, gives you Quality.

A Photographer not only gets great shots and moments; they get it all in Quality.

You know that you will receive amazing Photos, with excellent Quality from a hired Photographer. This plays a huge role when you are wanting to Print Photos – Whether it be Canvas or Wall Mounts, or for Photos Frames and Albums, Quality matters. Even if it is to just store away Digitally, Quality Photos look better overall.

Benefit: Professional Quality is received.


5. Professional Editing

The Job of the Photographer does not end when the Photo Shoot ends – Mots of them still need to Process the Photos for you. The Second part of the Job is an extremely skilful part, and this is where the Photographer turns Great into Perfect!

The Photographer would load all of the Photos taken into their Processing Software, and individually check, tune, edit and verify each photo for you. This enhances the photos for you, giving you even greater quality than that of just shooting with Camera.

Benefit: Your Photos are taken from ordinary to extraordinary, all in the package of Photography!


6. Everybody in the Photo

Of course, now with Uncle Bill and Cousin Shelley not having to be running around capturing photos on their Phones and Tablet, they can be in the Photos that are being taken by the Photographer.

This also minimizes the need to collect all Photos taken by Friends and Family as you get all of the Good Ones from the Photographer.

Benefit: No more Photos with missing Family Members and Friends!


7. Artist’s Touch

If a Photographer is hired to do a Location Shoot for a Couple, He / She already knows beforehand what would be the best places, times and spots for such a shoot. The Photographer will also, very easily be able to guide the Subjects for best poses and positions.

With a Photographer’s artist touch, the average photo becomes an art piece in the end, making the shot even more cherish able and appealing.

Benefit: With today’s online photo sharing platforms and applications, people are more and more wanting to show off their awesome photos – And that is where the Artist’s Touch works in your favor!


Please note: I am compiling these benefits and reasons from a general perspective and in no way am I stating that a Photographer will provide these benefits or that a Photographer will only provide these benefits.


So have you have decided to hire a Photographer in Cape Town? Then make your Booking today!