Channon & Shaun - Wedding Rings, Married, Photography

Channon & Shaun – Noordhoek Monkey Valley – 16 December 2016


I had the honor of working with Channon and Shaun for months prior to their special day. They also provided me with the opportunity to do their Invites using a photo that they had chosen from their Engagement Photoshoot (Of which I offer in my packages).

All in all, everything was a success, and the Newly Weds are very happy with the work that I had put out.

The Day took place at Noordhoek Monkey Valley Resort, after the Bride and Groom had gotten ready at their own respective houses.

Thank you guys for letting for play this very important role 🙂


Shots taken before the Wedding – The Bride getting ready, The Rings, Dress  and Accessories, as well as The Reception Table Decor.


A few shots captured at The Ceremony.

Wedding Photoshoot

Moments caught at 3 different locations – Ou Kaap se Weg, Noordhoek Beach and Monkey Valley Resort.


Some of the key moments of the reception are portrayed here.


Engagement Photo Shoot

The Couple’s complimentary 1 Hour Engagement Photo shoot.

(Coming Soon)

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Gwen & Divan - Wedding Rings, Married, Photography

Gwen & Divan – Buffelsfontein Nature Reserve – 05 November 2016

This Wedding was very important to me, as it was my first Wedding that I had done the Photography for! So, a very special thank you goes out to this couple, for allowing me to prove my worth, and letting me capture the moments of their very special day.

The Wedding of Gwen and Divan took place at Buffelsfontein Nature & Game Reserve, located off of the R27 in the Western Cape of South Africa. This was of course very exciting, as the reserve has loads of wild life roaming around and extremely huge, open land.

All the Bride wanted was a simple, easy and straight forward wedding  – Below are the shots of that special day.


Shots taken before the Wedding – The Bride getting ready, The Rings. Dress  and Accessories, as well as The Reception Decor and The Groom.



Moments captured during and after The Ceremony.


Wedding Photoshoot

The Bride and Groom were taken on a Safari Vehicle, and these are some of the moments captured before and during.



Some of the key moments of the reception are portrayed here.


Engagement Photo Shoot

The Couple’s complimentary 1 Hour Engagement Photo Shoot 🙂


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My Real Estate Photography Journey

Real Estate Photography

This is my story of how I got into Real Estate Photography, and where it has taken me today.

A few years back, I had been doing some photography jobs here and there as a hobby – and then took it on as a form of part-time income once I had realized that it was something I was good at. This of course lead me to needing a website, and posting advertisements wherever I could.

My First Gig (Real Estate Gig)

Not too long into the game, I was asked if I could do a shoot of a property for a listing by Steeple Properties. I gladly accepted the request – Never having done Real Estate Photography before! I needed to get learning all I that I needed to know about the field.

With me being a Nature and Portraiture Photographer – I needed to learn all about Real Estate and Interior Photography. The best angles to shoot, the best lighting techniques, the do’s and don’ts, the priorities and important shots, and so much more! I took it all in and got through some practice shoots at home. I became quite comfortable, and was ready to take on the job!

Nerves and Stress

The day of the shoot had arrived, and I was pretty nervous – As I had discovered that it was in fact a triple story home, owned by a film producer, who was married to an art director! I know, that sounds made up and insane – But believe me, I wish it was. I had to shoot around these 2 professional artists while doing my first proper Real Estate Photo shoot, can you imagine!?  It was quite intense at first, but quickly eased up as they ended being really cool and very helpful too!

Eventually, when I was complete with the shoot, I felt pretty great about it. I was able to create awesome shots while getting through the nerves and stress – And that was the moment that I had realized – I want to get into Real Estate Photography as well!

Here are some pics of that hectic, but awesome day.

More Real Estate and Interior Photography Jobs

Over the past 2 Years, quite a bit of my photography consisted of doing property shoots and interior photography for Steeple Properties, Engel & Volkers Properties and Benjamins Interiors – And I am loving it! I am still a Portraiture Photographer if I had to really be only one type – But have really gotten into doing Property and Interiors.

And that is my story, of how I had started in Real Estate Photography as well as taking on Interior and where I am standing with it today.

I do not want to limit myself to a specific type of Photography, as I feel that it is entirely possible to apply your shooting style to many types of photography.

Real Estate Photography and Interior Photography is now of course, part of my arsenal of photography services that I offer.

Here are some of the Real Estate and Interior photos I have had the pleasure of capturing.


Beautiful Baby Shower Photography – My Story

Beautiful Baby Shower Photography in the Winelands of Constantia

Recently, I had been asked to do the photography for a Baby Shower that was held at Little Stream in Constantia, Cape Town – A Beautiful little eatery located in the forest of Constantia’s winelands.

I knew that it would be an amazing setup, which of course would make for excellent shots – So without a second thought, I agreed to do the shoot.

This was my first occasion to do Baby Shower Photography, so needless to say, the nerves were on edge – But that did not keep me from doing the photography, even if it meant me being the only male among a large group of women, celebrating Michelle’s Baby Shower.

The Mom-to-Be

Pixel Evolution Baby Shower Photography 4


Michelle, the Mom-to-be as seen above is very crafty and creative, so with those attributes and keen family members and friends at her side, the event and setup had been done perfectly – the layout, decor and food, all amazing!

Treats and Food

The Treats table caught my attention immediately! No, not because I wanted of the treats (Even though that may have played a part) but because it was done so well. Below, you can see some of the shots I had taken of the table – Yummy!


So, as you can see – It was all very lovely! My resistance was indeed strong – And in the end, I was able to keep my hand away from it all 🙂

The treats table was off bounds until everyone had eaten their brunch. From what I could see, there seemed to be a starter of which was followed by a hearty main meal. I was able to get a couple of shots of the food before all had disappeared – Very quickly at that!

Here are 2 of the shots that had been able to capture in the little time that I had.

Pixel Evolution Baby Shower Photography 8Pixel Evolution Baby Shower Photography 7

Food and Treats aside – The overall location of the event made for even better Baby Shower Photography. 

As mentioned earlier, the party had been setup at Little Stream, Constantia – In the forest of the Winelands. This made for excellent photography opportunities. The Sun was at the perfect angle, the wind was at a low breeze, the trees’ leaves had fallen and were still orange – So all had aligned for perfect shooting indeed. How is that important? Have a look at another article I had written about the Best time for Outdoor Photo Shoots – That will shine some light on as to why this was perfect.

The Liitle Journey

A Path was located not too far from the party, and of course, we just had to see where it lead to.
At the end of the trail (about 1 minute in), we had discovered an old tree swing just hanging there, waiting for someone to sit on it. I had Michelle sit and pose for me.

Below are some images from that little excavation.

Pixel Evolution Baby Shower Maternity Pregnant Forest Photo Cape Town

Fun and Games

After that awesome Photo shoot session, we headed back to the party to continue with the fun and games.
A handmade frame had been made for the party, so that guests could get their pose on in front of the camera. With that, and the games, some good laughs and smiles were captured. I have added some of the fun below.

Pixel Evolution Party Event Fun Baby Shower Photography Photo

If I let the Photos tell the story, I wouldn’t have to say a thing! What a shoot it was – Great weather, amazing people, fun times, perfect location. As a Photographer, I could not have asked for anything more.

With this being my first Photo Shoot story, I do hope you had enjoyed reading it. If I was able to bring you to “re-live” the event with me, then my job is done 🙂

Keep an eye out for more! And please, your feedback is highly appreciated – So please drop any thoughts, suggestions or ideas my way.

Thank you!