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Real Estate Photography

This is my story of how I got into Real Estate Photography, and where it has taken me today.

A few years back, I had been doing some photography jobs here and there as a hobby – and then took it on as a form of part-time income once I had realized that it was something I was good at. This of course lead me to needing a website, and posting advertisements wherever I could.

My First Gig (Real Estate Gig)

Not too long into the game, I was asked if I could do a shoot of a property for a listing by Steeple Properties. I gladly accepted the request – Never having done Real Estate Photography before! I needed to get learning all I that I needed to know about the field.

With me being a Nature and Portraiture Photographer – I needed to learn all about Real Estate and Interior Photography. The best angles to shoot, the best lighting techniques, the do’s and don’ts, the priorities and important shots, and so much more! I took it all in and got through some practice shoots at home. I became quite comfortable, and was ready to take on the job!

Nerves and Stress

The day of the shoot had arrived, and I was pretty nervous – As I had discovered that it was in fact a triple story home, owned by a film producer, who was married to an art director! I know, that sounds made up and insane – But believe me, I wish it was. I had to shoot around these 2 professional artists while doing my first proper Real Estate Photo shoot, can you imagine!?  It was quite intense at first, but quickly eased up as they ended being really cool and very helpful too!

Eventually, when I was complete with the shoot, I felt pretty great about it. I was able to create awesome shots while getting through the nerves and stress – And that was the moment that I had realized – I want to get into Real Estate Photography as well!

Here are some pics of that hectic, but awesome day.

More Real Estate and Interior Photography Jobs

Over the past 2 Years, quite a bit of my photography consisted of doing property shoots and interior photography for Steeple Properties, Engel & Volkers Properties and Benjamins Interiors – And I am loving it! I am still a Portraiture Photographer if I had to really be only one type – But have really gotten into doing Property and Interiors.

And that is my story, of how I had started in Real Estate Photography as well as taking on Interior and where I am standing with it today.

I do not want to limit myself to a specific type of Photography, as I feel that it is entirely possible to apply your shooting style to many types of photography.

Real Estate Photography and Interior Photography is now of course, part of my arsenal of photography services that I offer.

Here are some of the Real Estate and Interior photos I have had the pleasure of capturing.


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