Recently, I had come across an article that had shed some light on the topic of what to consider when choosing a Print Vendor. The article had been written by a well founded Graphics Designer, Roberto Blake, and this post will be referencing that article.

4 Things to Consider When Choosing a Print Vendor

1. Local v.s Online

These days, the available services that can be found online are well covered in all fields, and that includes printing. Online Printing Vendors can take your orders and payments online and will have your prints delivered to you within a specified time frame – Which is really cool, opposed to the “old school” way of  physically having to go your local print vendor to get prints done.
With that being said though, you could easily find a Local Print Vendor that now caters for online orders, payments and deliveries – Thus making this decision so much easier. Perhaps the established big Online Vendor has super low prices and can cater for massive jobs yes – but the Local Vendor’s prices may not be much more expensive, and you could also build a stable relationship with the Vendor, gaining discounts and “brownie” points along the way.

2. Can They Handle Your Files


Print Vendors need to cater for the Designer’s needs, and Designers need great quality prints. To such Prints, the Vendor needs to be able to cater for file such as Large Vector Files or Print ready PDFs. You need to ask if the Vendor is able to handle the files that you provide to them – If not, or they only require JPEGs, you need to find another Vendor. But, if you are only needing print JPEGs, then that is the Vendor for you, as their prices may be lower than the bigger vendor due to running costs being lower.

3. Customer Service


Yes, the Price is great, the Speed is amazing and the Convenience is outstanding – But how’s the Customer Service? To many people, the Customer Service can be the deciding factor on whether or not they do business with someone – If the Print Vendor can offer you everything except a Good overall Customer Service Experience, then they do not care about you as a Customer, it is all about the payments you make to them. So look carefully and make a good choice in your next Print Vendor.

4. Quality Work


Lastly, the final consideration to factor in when choosing a Print Vendor – The Quality of Work. This should be obvious, but it needs to be mentioned.
Try and get an idea of what materials and inks are being used, what kind of machinery are in services – These all contribute to the Quality of Work that the Vendor puts out.
What is the point of choosing a Print Vendor that offers you Everything you need, but puts out poor quality work – It would just be a waste of your time and money – Always seek amazing Quality Work.



The Printing Industry is all about Price, Speed, Convenience and Quality (Customer Service is just a good trait for a Business to have) – So if a Vendor lacks in any of these areas, they can easily be out-run by the next Vendor, and you wouldn’t want to build a solid relationship with a Vendor that may not be around for much longer.


I would like to give a special thanks to Roberto Blake, author of the Article that had lead me to writing this post.

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